School of agro SME lending technology

Ukraine in the field of agriculture is a strong and promising player in the global economy. With good soil and climatic conditions, the country can compete with global producers. The work of financial institutions with farmers requires not only knowledge in the field of agricultural production, but also knowledge of the specifics of agribusiness activities, especially in the agro SME segment. Ignorance of the target group often leads to absence a desire to work in this area as well as to absence of results of activity of the financial institution.

Our School of agro lending is designed to help financial institutions to improve the understanding of the specifics of the construction of agribusiness and to make dialogue with farmers more productive, which will strengthen the positioning of financial institution in the market, as well as improve access of rural residents to bank products.

School program includes:

  • Consideration of psychological and practical aspects of working with clients conducting their activities in the field of agriculture;
  • Credit technology training;
  • Improving the knowledge of specialists involved in service and lending of the target segment.

The School of agro lending consists of two levels — basic and advanced courses. Classes are formed considering the available services and credit experience of agro clients.

Graduates are able to:

  • involve potential borrowers, using different channels of sales;
  • assess the potential client's business in the first interview;
  • carry out financial and economic analysis of the borrower's business;
  • analyze the formal and management reporting;
  • prepare financial reports;
  • assess the effectiveness of the business with the help of the coefficient analysis;
  • consolidate the financial data of related groups;
  • accompany the issued loan until full repayment;
  • build long-term relationships with the client.

We invite to the school:

  • Beginners of credit serving of clients engaged in agricultural production,
  • Employees involved in the service of agro segment,
  • Experts with experience who want both to standardize their knowledge and acquire new knowledge of technology on financial analysis of agro clients.