School of energy-efficient technologies

Our school of energy-efficient technologies is designed to share with financial institutions the experience of positive impact on the environment through the promotion of energy-saving projects. School course covers such topics as the environment, human impact on it and, as a result, the environmental consequences and the climate change. It provides solution of environmental problems, energy dependency, and how to use energy efficiency, energy saving, renewable energy and environmental measures in solving these issues. In addition to theoretical knowledge, graduates obtain effective methods of promoting green financing.

Graduates are able to:

  • assess the importance of the human impact on the environment;
  • identify energy-efficient, energy-saving investments;
  • identify the needs of customers in energy-efficient, energy-saving measures;
  • use the tools of effective involving of clients;
  • to multiply the acquired knowledge of financial institution experts.

We invite to the school:

  • All employees of financial institutions to raise awareness of green financing and the importance of this direction;
  • Beginners/experienced credit specialists of SME customer loans area, individuals;
  • Employees involved in the of SME segment of the service process, individuals;
  • Actual and potential coaches, lecturers that will to multiply the knowledge in a financial institution.