School of management accounting

School of the Management accounting for entrepreneurs.

When financial management is OK, business is going well. Our School of Management Accounting for entrepreneurs is aimed on building of management accounting, its keeping, data analysis and their proper use.

We invite to the school:

  • The owners of small and medium enterprises of any ownership;
  • Managers of small and medium enterprises of any ownership;
  • Anyone who wants to open a business.

Graduates are able to:

  • compile and analyze the main financial instruments of management accounting (balance, profit and loss account, and cash flow);
  • calculate the main business indicators;
  • calculate how much the business earns and analyze where the money goes;
  • calculate the equity of the company;
  • check the correct display of data in financial instruments at conducting of management accounting;
  • forecast cash flows;
  • divide the cash flow between household and the business;
  • establish effective cooperation with financial institutions.