School of personal effectiveness

Everyone dreams of success, even putting a different meaning in the word. What separates a successful person from the ordinary man in the street is the ability to be effective, effectively use available resources: time, finances, talents...

Our school aims to help modern man to become more effective in various aspects of activity and therefore more successful. It helps each individual through personal effectiveness to come to effective interaction with others. Based on the individual effectiveness of participants, one can build a successful organization and society as a whole.

The school program includes the study of the practical techniques of modern psychology and Eastern practices in the field of:

  • time management;
  • goal-setting;
  • health;
  • relationships;
  • personal finances.

Graduates are able to:

  • set goals properly and achieve them;
  • use their time efficiently;
  • harmoniously distribute their energy in various spheres of life;
  • identify obstacles and avoid them;
  • use the tools for self-analysis.

We invite to the school:

  • anyone who wants to change something in his life;
  • anyone who has stood on the way of working on himself and is glad of any possibility of self-improvement.

You do not fit in school, if you:

  • expect that someone behind you will solve your problems;
  • look for easy way to become a successful person.