The school of financial literacy for adults and children

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that money all the time is not enough?

Thousand hryvnias in a month is a little money. It seems that when you earn ten thousand, it will be much easier. And when you get a hundred thousand, you become real life. But in practice the cash is still not enough...

If say simply the financial literacy is the ability to manage money for confidence in the future and achieve life goals and financial independence.

The course of the school of financial literacy for adults and children aims to develop skills of wise money management — planning of income and expenses, the ability to save, accumulate and multiply that will allow you to secure the future and be prepared for any life situations, including loss of job/business/residence.

We invite to the school:

  • adults;
  • students;
  • pupils;
  • anyone who asks himself the question: «Where is the money?»

Graduates are able to:

  • compile and analyze the personal/family budget;
  • make savings;
  • choose between consumption and investment;
  • understand the 3 types of the capital: current, reserve and investing;
  • and, of course, they know the answer to the question: «Where is the money?»